Charlie & Mouse


Laurel Snyder and Emily Hughes have created a winning partnership in ‘Charlie & Mouse‘. This early chapter book, of four picture rich stories, is ideal for newer readers. The brothers are opportunistic, loyal and always outgoing. ‘Charlie & Mouse’, despite their obvious American location, represent the sort of boys we know, or might be.

‘Charlie & Mouse‘ is a recommended step into chapter book reading. The stories are satisfying, wry and interesting. Why are the books so delighted by what they find at the neighbourhood party? Why are they satisfied by the way their business enterprise unfolds?

This updated edition includes a taster chapter of the sequel, Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy

Bookwagon is delighted to share this title and its sequel Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy. ‘Charlie & Mouse‘ fills the gap for newer readers. It’s fun, interesting and thoroughly readable.

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Charlie & Mouse

Laurel Snyder, illustrated by Emily Hughes

‘Are you awake?’ Charlie asked. ‘No’, said the lump, ‘I am sleeping.’ Charlie & Mouse are brothers. This early chapter picture book is our introduction to the pair. The writer, Laurel Snyder, says in her biography, ‘that while none of these stories is true, none of them is exactly untrue either.‘ Somehow we know this for the relationship alongside the adventures is realistic. Furthermore, the pace and setting are familiar, rather like Here Comes Lolo.
 Charlie & Mouse is a warm and real story of family, brothers and adventures at every turn. Furthermore it starts a really appealing series with titles where we join the pair welcoming their grandfather, Gumpy, and experience the great outdoors!

Winner of the Theodore Geisel Award 2018


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