Charlie Turns into a T-Rex


Nobody quite believes it when ‘Charlie Turns into a T-Rex’ – (or does he)? Flora, Mohsen and Wogan have witnessed Charlie’s transformations; they’re aware that he has no control over what animal he becomes. However, they’re certain they’ve twigged as to how Charlie might control WHEN he changes. After all, Dylan must NOT fulfil his threat to film Charlie!

Charlie’s friends are aware too, that anxiety is a trigger for Charlie’s bizarre changes. They’re convinced that maintaining happy thoughts helps him. Although his worries about his brother’s health, examined in Charlie Changes into a Chicken, have eased, there are fresh concerns. Charlie’s father’s business is being threatened by someone who’s stolen his gold- that’s what Charlie thinks he’s overheard. Therefore, Charlie’s on the case… He’s worked out the location of the business, and, along with his friends, he’s out to reclaim this ‘gold’. Can Charlie hold his nerve so as to avoid animal changes, or possibly initiate changes that might aid their quest? You wouldn’t want to be turning into something like a wasp or a dinosaur or a mandrill at an entirely inappropriate moment, would you? Furthermore, how far might Charlie’s behaviour advance along the animal route. He couldn’t begin to think as the animal- would he?

‘Charlie Turns into a T-Rex’ is bizarre, captivating and laugh-out-loud funny! There are moments of disgust too (I have to give an advance warning….)


Charlie Turns into a T-Rex

Sam Copeland

Illustrations by Sarah Horne


 Can you imagine if Dylan witnessed the moment that ‘Charlie Turns into a T-Rex’? Thankfully, Flora is certain that they’ve arrived a way to stop Charlie from changing into an animal at the wrong time. Charlie needs to think of happy things, stay calm and focus. That should work, shouldn’t it?
Charlie cannot predict the animal he may become. It makes travelling in small spaces, such as lifts, rather difficult. Further, he cannot control how much of the animal’s behaviour he might assume, so becoming a skunk in a dangerous situation is not ideal. While his brother is not Charlie’s priority as in Charlie Changes Into a Chicken, a new worry has emerged. Why is his father’s business facing such a threat? Where is the gold hidden? Is it possible for Charlie and his friends to find it? If he stays calm and focuses, surely they can break into the thieving business, without any animal setbacks, couldn’t they?
I read this title in one go. It is recklessly funny, with an hilarious, generous, vulnerable main character. Charlie’s animal affliction is horrifying, fascinating and very realistic. Furthermore, it is very, very funny! Hold onto your lunchboxes and get ready for ‘Charlie Turns into a T-Rex’! (Or does he?)


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