Chasing Augustus


Chasing Augustus‘ is a magnificent book. Rosie is on a quest to discover Augustus, ‘Gloopy Gus’, the dog her mother gave away. A year has passed but Rosie remains certain that he is out there. Despite her grandfather’s Marine command,  interventions of neighbours, well-wishers and a teacher with a notebook, Rosie is ‘Chasing Augustus‘.

We recommend ‘Chasing Augustus‘ to readers who love real-life books where we travel in the mind and heart of the main character. Rosie is quite a character with whom to travel, and ‘Chasing Augustus‘ is her wonderful story.

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Chasing Augustus

Kimberly Newton Fusco

(Faber & Faber)

Chasing Augustus‘ is what Rosie has been doing ever since her California based lawyer mother gave her dog away. Although it’s been a year, Rosie is sure her dog is out there to be found. She’s searching for other things too, from brown sugar oatmeal breakfast, to following the wise words of her Pa. ‘Chasing Augustus‘ is an outstanding novel we are proud to sell.


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