Chicken Nugget


It’s a pain in the beak to the youngest and smallest with nobody in the family taking any notice! When cousin Franz visits, his attention is just too good to be true; why he even accompanies ‘Chicken Nugget‘ to nursery, and invites her teacher to tea! (‘I’d love to meet- no- eat.’ all your friends.)

When dinner time arrives, the house is full and Chicken Nugget is overlooked, but could that be an advantage? Is cousin Franz really as inviting as he seems, or is it all a foxy tale?

This is a crafty, funny, warm book about knowing your place, from the disadvantages to the advantages. Younger children, their readers and friends, will love this tongue-in-chicken cheek picture book. We recommend it highly!


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Chicken Nugget

Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Tom McLaughlin

(Puffin Books)

‘Chicken Nugget’ plucks up the courage to ask cousin Franz to nursery. What are his foxy intentions? Should her family pay attention to her rather a little more? Lots to mull over, lots of enjoy and laugh over in this inventive, witty, winning and proud picture book, recommended to all our early readers.


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