Child I


Child I and his friends, all undocumented children with letters for names, live in a refugee camp, guarded by mysterious wardens.  They all have stories to tell but no papers to prove them.

As they try to forge a new family amongst themselves, they struggle also to keep memories of their old selves alive. Can they be heard and believed? And what will happen to them if they aren’t?

This is a remarkable debut novel that will enchant and intrigue.  Despite the apparently grim premise, the humanity of the children and their determination to play, be mischievous and to prove themselves shines through.  A thoughtful and quite unique take on stories all too real.



Child I

Steve Tasane


“I’m not going to tell the story of my past. I’m going to tell the story of my life right now, here in the camp…”.

Steve Tasane’s debut novel has been widely acclaimed, and deservedly so.  It is a quite unique telling of the refugee experience,   one that is is optimistic and life-affirming, without shying away from the realities.


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