Children Who Changed the World


Do you know the Rights of the Child? In 1989 the United Nations agreed these and now 196 countries follow them. This year we will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the signing of this declaration. Rights agreed include the ‘right to live in safety, to be listened to and to enjoy your childhood.

The stories in ‘Children Who Changed the World’ are those of children who have stood up for these rights. These are trailblazers, wise and brave beyond the years and circumstances. Their stories and accomplishments need to be known.

Marcia Williams organises each story across a double- page, including an introduction to each child, a graphic story of their situation and resolution, and a conclusion. While ‘Children Who Changed the World’ is very readable, each child’s astounding efforts inspire you to read on, to realise each ‘against the odds’ quest. These are children of our time, from the Canadian primary school boy who began a foundation to build wells across Africa,  to the escapee carpet maker, who at ten years old began a campaign against child labour.

We are proud to recommend and sell such a magnificent title. We encourage you to  read the stories of ‘Children Who Changed the World’. 


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Children Who Changed the World

Incredible True Stories about Children’s Rights!

Marcia Williams


 ‘Children Who Changed the World’ is absorbing. Despite desperate circumstances, children around the world demand change, take the initiative and make a difference.
We do not know these stories and I suggest you will not either. Take the example of Mohamad Al Jounde who took photographs of refugee children in the camp to which his family fled. He resolved they deserved an education like all other children. Thereafter, in 2017, Mohamad won the International Children’s Peace Prize.
These prizewinning children deserve to have their stories known.
Mayra Avellar Neves organised peaceful protests against violence in the Brazilian favelas. Thereafter, Barauni started a radio programme across Africa, giving children an opportunity to share their hopes and concerns.  Kesz began begging for his family when he was just a toddler. However, his rescue when he was recovering from injuries suffered in a fire, inspired the Children’s Community Children organisation. This gifts toys, shoes, toothbrushes and health care to thousands of destitute Philippine children.
Like Stories for Kids Who Dare To Be Different, these subjects inspire, shame and inform. Furthermore, we are richer for knowing the work of wonderful children who persevere despite adversity.
Marcia Williams’ double-pages feature different children. We are offered basic details, an introduction, before a sequenced, narrative and graphic story, and conclusion. It seems like there is a fluency and structure to the book that inspires readers to continue.
Bookwagon is proud to recommend ‘Children Who Changed the World’. 

Endorsed by Amnesty International.


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