The Chocolate Factory Ghost


Archie McBudge and his mother cannot believe their luck!  Archie is  heir to the McBudge Fudge Company! This means a move to Dundoodle, a small Scottish village, to live at ghostly Honeystone Hall. There’s a lot for Archie to sort out, including a missing secret ingredient to the world famous McBudge fudge, dragons, devious relatives and a factory ghost. Thankfully, Archie’s a skilful puzzle solver and has two friends to help.

The Chocolate Factory Ghost‘ is a clever, amusing, sweet-smelling confection of a story. There are honey stoned twists, turns and magical things that go bump in the night (and day!)

We look forward to further stories in the Dundoodle Mysteries’ series. For now, we recommend ‘The Chocolate Factory Ghost‘ to newer readers, aged from 7 years or so.


The Chocolate Factory Ghost

The Dundoodle Mysteries

David O’Connell, illustrated by Claire Powell


Archie McBudge is stunned to discover he has inherited  the world-famous McBudge Fudge Company from his great-uncle Archibald. Because the bequest is far from straightforward, there’s a puzzle to solve and secret ingredients to find. Not to mention angry family members and dragons….

The Chocolate Factory Ghost‘ is a great fun, sweet treat recommended for readers aged from about 7 years of age.


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