Although Aunt Linda, and cousins Grace and Gertrude treat Cindergorilla meanly, she is not downcast. It seems she keeps her spirits up by boogying with her broom and moonwalking with the mop! However, she longs for an opportunity to go to the Disco Ball.

Therefore, when her Hairy Godmother appears, offering Cinder an opportunity to strut her stuff, she is overjoyed! Not only does her godmother transform her, but gifts her some special banana skin slippers. However, she warns Cinder to be home by sunrise!

Yet, Travis, Disco King is prince of the ballroom this night. When he sees Cinder grooving with gorillas and boogying with baboons, he is entranced. Could this be the dance partner he seeks? It seems he doesn’t have an opportunity to pop the question, for with a beam of sunlight, Cinder is off, leaving behind one magical dance slipper.

What will arise should Travis track Cinder down? Could this be the end of her life of cleaning and chores? Or might Cinder have her own ideas of her future, with a little help from her Hairy Godmother?

With rhyme, movement, humour and dazzle, Gareth P. Jones and Loretta Schauer entrance and delight with Cindergorilla. This picture book, like Rabunzel, demands to be read repeatedly, recited, shared, laughed and delighted over and gifted. Bookwagon loves and recommends Cindergorilla.

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Will she go to the ball?

Gareth P. Jones and Loretta Schauer


Cindergorilla lives with her ‘Aunt Linda and two cousins, Gertrude and Grace‘. Although they are ‘mean to her‘ and order ‘her about’, Cinder, is able to overcome her unhappiness through her love of dance. It seems she boogies with her broom and moonwalks with her mop!
Therefore, when her Hairy Godmother offers her the opportunity to go to the Disco Ball, Cinder jumps at the chance! This could be a chance for Cinder is ‘transformed into a sparkling disco diva‘! However, there’s a condition that she must be ‘home before sunrise’.
Yet could it be the magic of growing with the gibbons, breakdancing with a baboon and dancing with a chimpanzee might prove too enticing? What’s more, it seems that Cinder’s loves catch the eye of ‘Travis, the Disco Prince‘! Could this be her chance? Or might she have to (banana) split, leaving one of her magical banana skin groovy dancing shoes behind? Thereafter, might this lead to a jungle search for the gorilla with the grooviest moves to partner Travis?
Rather like RabunzelGareth P. Jones turns a traditional tale on its head! Alongside the fun, razzmatazz and imagination of a jungle setting for Cinderella, there are great rhyming couplets. What’s more Loretta Schauer’s dazzling illustrations are sharp, expressive and banana bright. Bookwagon loves and recommends Cindergorilla highly for sharing, reciting together and enjoying thoroughly. We trust there will be further titles in a series!


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