Clementine Florentine


Clementine’s bedroom might be a mess but even she’s taken by surprise when she discovers a scarlet macaw. It seems he belongs to Lyn Ferno, a once upon, award-winning, punk rocker, beloved by Clem’s Dad and others. However, Lyn’s now on a bed-bound protest. How is it possible that she and Clem might encourage each other out of their predicaments?

It seems that Clem has a lot on her hands. It is, as her best friend, Rom says, not as though her summer’s been idle! The biggest problem is Clem’s dad going out with Callum’s mum. Not only is Callum angry and rude toward Clem, but his scorn at her poetry entry Ferndale Juniors’ Poetry Challenge has completely destroyed Clem’s joy and confidence. Is it possible that she and Callum can use their dislike of each other to split their parents up? What will it take? Then again, what will result?

Alongside descriptively entertaining illustrations from Mya Mitchell, Tasha Harrison’s debut middle grade novel is a tour-de-force of engaging, busy, positive and winning storytelling. Bookwagon loves and recommends Clementine Florentine and recommends it highly to our middle grade readers. (You’ll never look at dried cat food in the same way again!)

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Clementine Florentine

Tasha Harrison, Mya Mitchell

(UCLan Publishing)

Clementine Florentine was told by Callum, the new boy ,that her custard creams’ poem was rubbish. What’s more, his poem won the competition. Since then, Clem’s kept her poetry writing to herself. What’s more, she’s certain that she will not enter Year 6’s spoken word poetry competition.
Then again, Clem has other worries, such as Callum’s mother going out with her father. Is it possible that she can Callum might work together in an Operation Bad Romance to separate them? Then again, such a scheme would require stealth and cooperation.
Furthermore, Clem’s distracted by the arrival of a scarlet macaw in her bedroom. Viv leads her to a bed bound former punk rocker. Is it possible that the pair might become friends and encourage each other?
Tasha Harrison’s debut novel from UCLan Publishing is a joy. There is such positivism in the story, such reality and grit in the characters, while the setting seems possible and familiar. What’s more, Mya Mitchell’s illustrations add directness and amusement.
Bookwagon recognises this title as similar to favourite books such as Dream On Amber. Altogether, we love and recommend Clementine Florentine to our middle grade readers.


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