Clever Crow


It seems that crows are used to living amongst us. Although they live in roosts, large communities that protect them, they can be disguised within human hustle and bustle. Then again, each member of this bird family is a Clever Crow. 

After all, these are birds that may not be the best at flying or singing, but they use the currents capably, and croak greetings and warnings to their kind. What’s more they’re keenly observant and can remember capably. Furthermore, crows are playful.

Bookwagon is enthralled by Chris Butterworth’s clarity and depth of information. It’s clear he knows and admires his subject. Then again, they’re so brilliantly depicted through Olivia Lomenech Gill’s pictures. Altogether it means that Clever Crow is an outstanding non-fiction picture book.

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Clever Crow

Chris Butterworth and Olivia Lomenech Gill


It’s not hard to spot crows. It seems they live in ‘large groups called roosts because it’s safer to be in a crowd’. However, it seems they’re easy to miss. It could be because they’re so used accustomed to living amongst humans.
While most crows are plain black, there are some with rainbow feathers, like jays, or magpies. Then again, some within this family are bigger, like ravens, or smaller, like Jacko, Mick’s jackdaw. While they’re not fantastic singers or fliers, they’re good communicators, it seems, greeting and offering warnings. Then again, they are very observant, in fact each, a truly Clever Crow.
Chris Butterworth’s information is made more riveting by the rich detail of Olivia Lomenech Gill‘s pictures. They are magnificent. Altogether it means that we’re inspired to talk about this book, take the facts in, refer and backtrack. What’s more, reading this book has inspired this Bookwagoneer to take a renewed interest in members of this family. It might be that there’s a chance of witnessing this birds’ play, or even realising their superior memories too. Bookwagon loves and recommends Clever Crow to every book corner. What a beautiful book!


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