Clifftoppers: The Arrowhead Moor Adventure


Holidays with their grandparents in Drake’s Bay are heavenly to the four cousins. They’re an opportunity to reconnect and explore without boundaries, but with picnics, and Bella the dog.

Clifftoppers: The Arrowhead Moor Adventure’ begins perfectly. Ava, Aiden, Josh and Chloe have hauled out their respective bicycles with plans to cycle around the Dragon Peninsula. Bella’s under strict instructions to stay away from chocolate. Yet it’s Bella who gets in the way of a speeding open top red sports car. The driver is reckless and angry.

When the children sight the driver anew outside a pub, their suspicions are aroused by her conversation, actions and appearance. They determine to follow her to discover what she is up to. Stolen sheep, bags of money, midnight break ins, sparkling gems lie ahead for the quick-witted group of cousin crime crackers!

Clifftoppers: The Arrowhead Moor Adventure is a really engaging adventure story. While it is perfect for  fans of ‘Famous Five’ and The Children of Castle Rock the story has real reader appeal. Fleur Hitchcock crafts her stories directly and actively. We recommend this title highly and look forward to selling it to many ‘forever’ readers.

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Clifftoppers: The Arrowhead Moor Adventure

Fleur Hitchcock

(Nosy Crow)

Ava, Aiden, Josh and Chloe enjoy holidays with their grandparents. It’s time to connect and explore. They gather  their cycles to enjoy the wonder of Drake’s Bay and its surroundings. When the adventure begins, the cousins have picnics and a vast, unscheduled day ahead. However, everything changes when a red sports car speeds over the hill. The children’s fury at the driver’s recklessness inspires a chase. Thereafter, everything changes on this outing. After all,  as they race along their shortcut, they cannot know what they might find when they discover her. While they’re preparing to vent their fury, they arrive at something entirely different. In fact,  they overhear the driver amidst a suspicious conversation. What might missing sheep, stolen diamonds, red high heels and a dangerous bog have in common with the cousins? Then again, what might each of the children bring to the chase? Might it be that the least confident and likely of them could be the most daring?
Feet on the pedals for a reading adventure of discovery in Clifftoppers: The Arrowhead Moor Adventure. What’s more, this title from Bookwagon favourite writer, Fleur Hitchcock, opens a fabulous series. Thereafter, we revisit the cousins in The Fire Bay Adventure.


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