Clifftoppers The Fire Bay Adventure


We return to the coast in autumn ahead of the annual Drake’s Bay Fire Festival. The four cousins are excited to be reunited at their grandparents’ home. Some time has passed since they were together for Clifftoppers The Arrowhead Moor Adventure. They are as curious and engaged as ever, keen to explore the countryside with each other, and their grandparents’ dog, Bella.

Ava, the eldest, is hopeful of her grandparents’ permission to carry a tar barrel to the bonfire. The action is part of tradition, related to an historical mystery involving blue burning barrels and inexplicable booming noises. The cousins are dismissive of the mystery. They’re certain it’s something to do with the area’s smuggling past.

Josh is distracted by traders he overhears offering Xarca VR devices at knock-down prices. He can’t persuade his grandmother to buy one, just as he will not be permitted to carry a tar barrel.

Then there are the fires. It may be bonfire season, but the area is beset with mysterious fires, one of which is rather too close for comfort to Aiden.

Could this mean that the cousins and Bella have an adventure ahead? It would seem so! Welcome to ‘Clifftoppers The Fire Bay Adventure’. 


Clifftoppers The Fire Bay Adventure

Fleur Hitchcock

(Nosy Crow)

The cousins return to the grandparents from their ‘different parts of the country.‘ They are excited to be together again after Clifftoppers The Arrowhead Moor Adventure  and looking forward to the annual Drake’s Bay Fire Festival. This year Ava, the eldest, hopes for her grandparents’ permission to carry tar barrels to the bonfire. This is part of local tradition.
The cousins puzzle over the tradition… a booming, blue lit powder barrel, and ghostly unexplained noises? They’re sure there’s somewhere around Fire Bay that might explain the story.
Meanwhile Josh is excited to learn of a ‘too good to be true’ bargain deal on a Xarca VR. There are traders in town offering devices that he’s desperate to get his hands upon.
What could the historical mystery of burning kegs and red hot deals have to do with each other? Four curious, alert cousins and a dog join forces to investigate in ‘Clifftoppers The Fire Bay Adventure’. 


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