Clifftoppers The Thorn Island Adventure


Josh seems suspicious of most movements and strangers around Drake’s Bay. However, if you’d had the sort of adventures that he and his cousins have, it would be expected! So when he spots Jake shouting about his missing fishing boat and hears of a kidnapping, he takes a note. Thereafter, Aiden and Ava appear with news of a speeding white van and a lovely Dalmatian dog. How might all of this be interlinked?

The four cousins are well fortified by their grandparents’ food- (don’t read this story on an empty stomach!) Further they’ve bikes and now Grandad’s sailing dinghy at their disposal. Ava has learned to sail and is proving herself a competent yachtswoman. Just as well, for her skills are needed urgently!

Chloe’s conviction that she’s seen a face at the window of the tower on Thorn Island is supported by Aiden’s surveillance. The four are quick to plan a rescue, but know that this is dangerous and needs creative thinking. Drakes’ Bay has poor telephone reception so their suspicions and activity must remain covert. Individually and collectively they show intelligence and determination in their awareness and actions.

Clifftoppers The Thorn Island Adventure is in the style of classic adventure stories. However Fleur Hitchcock develops the skills, setting, drama and characterisation. This is the third title in her wonderful series so that we’ve become familiar with the characters, their personalities and individual attributes. Furthermore, we appreciate their relationship.

Bookwagon is jumping for joy at the arrival of this adventure. It’s just the title with which to wile away a day, over a scone with jam and cream, perhaps!


Clifftoppers The Thorn Island Adventure

Fleur Hitchcock

(Nosy Crow)

Josh scans the coastline for another adventure with his cousins as we begin Clifftoppers The Thorn Island Adventure. It seems very likely! After all, the four have created Clifftoppers The Arrowhead Moor Adventure and Clifftoppers The Fire Bay Adventure. Could a missing fishing boat and thereafter Ava and Aiden’s close call with a reckless white van driver be something the four might investigate? It’s not long, in fact, that something more obvious appears. Chloe is convinced she sees a child’s face at the window of a tower on Thorn Island. Despite the others’ initial disbelief, the group are drawn to action when Aiden confirms there is someone behind the window, waving- ‘H-E-L-P’.
Ava’s sailing skills are very necessary for this adventure. She must sail Black Diamond around the coast to Thorn Island. Thereafter, two of the cousins must play possum and distract any possible kidnappers from the rescue attempt. What could possibly go wrong?
Bookwagon loves this adventure series and recommends it highly. We appreciate the pace, agility and readability. Clifftoppers The Thorn Island Adventure is gripping and wonderful! I think it’s time for egg and cress sandwiches with Chloe.


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