Clockwork, or All Wound Up


Karl the apprentice clockmaker is set to reveal the figure he has carved for the Glockenheim town clock as the concluding act to his training. In the White Horse Tavern, he reveals to storyteller Fritz, that he has nothing to show. Fritz begins to tell the story for the evening, a story from a time long ago, of Prince Florian fitted with a clockwork heart after a hunting accident. Fritz does not know how his story will end, and is playing for time- tick tock, tick tock- until an evil stranger, Dr Kalmeneius enters the tavern. Time stands still…

Philip Pullman’s ‘Clockwork‘ is a captivating, Grimm-style, timeless story, perfectly researched and created. It is not for the fainthearted, yet satisfies the reader through its clear themes, moral resolution and authentic storytelling.


Clockwork, or All Wound Up

Philip Pullman, illustrated by Paul Bailey

(Corgi Yearling)

Clockwork, or All Wound Up‘ is a mesmerising metaphorical mini-novel set in the fictional German village of Glockenheim. The villagers gather in the White Horse Tavern before the apprentice clock-maker reveals his latest carved figure for the proud town clock. Meanwhile Fritz tells a story of Prince Otto and his young son, Prince Florian, and the clock ticks down….


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