In Cogheart, we learn that Lily’s inventor father is missing, presumed dead. He was working on a new design for an airship when he disappeared. Something about his plans has piqued the interest of a number of people. Who is threatening Lily?  Into her life appears Robert, the son of a clockmaker and Malkin, a clockwork fox. Cogheart is the story of adventure, as they seek safety, and the truth.


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Peter Bunzl


Cogheart is the first of a super series of fantasy adventure novels for middle grade readers by Peter Bunzl.  Lily’s father is missing after an unexplained airship crash.  She is in fear of her life with silver-eyed people watching her every move. Robert, the clockmaker’s son, and her mechanical fox, Malkin, help her uncover many secrets while searching for her father and the mysterious Cogheart.
“While reading Cogheart you can’t help but feel that every sentence brings a new emotion.  In just one chapter the reader can feel happy and sad, angry and scared, excited and shocked, surprised and more. Don’t think you know what’s going to happen as twists in the story may completely change your opinion of some of the characters!  So, this story is definitely not predictable! It is a very descriptive and enjoyable book that once you start reading is hard to stop.” (Ella, aged 9)
Cogheart has been nominated for the Dudley Teen Book Award, St Helens and Sefton Super Reads, the Haringey Children’s Book Award, the Hillingdon Primary Book of the Year, the Leeds Book Award, Waterstones’ Book of the Year, and the Branford Boase Award.
Bookwagon is delighted to stock the entire Cogheart chronicles, including Skycircus.


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