Come All You Little Persons


Come All You Little Persons demands to be read and snuggled close. The beautiful lyrics of John Agard’s verse invite babies and young children from around the world to join together. It offers that they will be loved, valued and enabled, whatever their beliefs, backgrounds or experiences. Jessica Courtney- Tickle’s rich colours and moving shapes, encourage inclusivity and offer  a true feeling of welcome.

Come All You Little Persons‘ is a gorgeous title, an ideal book to give, to read and to share.

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Come All You Little Persons

John Agard and Jessica Courtney-Tickle

(Faber & Faber)

Come All You Little Persons is a beautiful, lyrical, welcoming poem from two supremely talented creators. It invites babies and young readers from around the world to follow their hearts. Thereafter tree people, any people might join in. After all, isn’t the world an inviting place for all? Therefore, what of bee people, bird people. What is your joy? Furthermore, look out into the world? Aren’t there opportunities to explore, to discover?
We’re reminded of this in titles such as A First Book of Nature, that there’s a rich community and welcome ahead! Then again, look at the variety of people! Aren’t we all the richer for being part of such a diverse and wonderful planet? Bookwagon suggests that this title is one to snuggle up with, to linger over and listen too. What’s more, the outstanding rhyming text from John Agard, is one to hear and recall, to join in with, to anticipate. It means that readers are likely to turn to this book alone and together, share and recall. What’s more, Jessica Courtney-Tickle’s illustrations are like fairy dust. They seem almost sprinkled with detail and intricacy that draws in the eye, prompting discovery, familiarity and then delight at every turn. Altogether, Come All You Little Persons is a picture book of poetry that we love and recommend highly. Not only is it a superb title to have and keep and love, but one that we offer is an ideal gift, too.


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