Come Home Already!


Come Home Already!‘ Duck is after some fun times. Bear wants to be alone with his thoughts. He’s weary of ‘pesky neighbours’. A week of fishing in the solitary woods is called for.

Bear hasn’t thought about tent pitching, or rain, or the absence of his refrigerator. What is a Bear to do? Meanwhile, Duck is fretting. Writing, cooking and playing the drums can only fill in so much time.

Come Home Already!‘ is a delight. There are bold, almost Hanna-Barbera style pictures, maps, and characters who are so fully realised that you can ‘hear’ them. Bookwagon recommends ‘Come Home Already’ to the woods and back!

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Come Home Already!

What will Duck do without Bear?

Jory John & Benji Davies

(Harper Collins)

‘Come Home Already!’ Bear’s gone fishing. He needs time with his thoughts. What is Duck going to do? He just wanted some fun times! ‘Come Home Already!‘ is an outrageously funny picture book recommended to readers of all ages.


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