Come Out, Come Out, Chameleon


Come Out, Come Out, Chameleon is an interactive, highly entertaining and very cheerful picture book by Jonty Howley.  An old gentleman has new pet chameleon, but he still hasn’t seen it! This chameleon is especially good at disguising itself and no matter how hard the old man and his faithful pet dog try,they just can’t find it.  They are beginning to doubt the fact that they have the pet.  Maybe it’s a figment of their imagination?

The bright and very colourful illustrations are just perfect for hiding a sneaky chameleon.  When the old man finds ‘chameleon finding instructions’ stuck to his shoe, matters are looking healthier.  Surely they can find the lizard now?

Children will have great fun spotting the seriously-hard-to-find chameleon amongst the illustrations.

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Come Out, Come Out, Chameleon

Jonty Howley

(Happy Yak)

Come Out, Come Out, Chameleon! is a very bright and cheerfully interactive picture book.   It has beautifully bold and colourful illustrations and is great fun.  Chameleons, there are to spot on every page and this one is especially good at disguise.
In the story an old man has a new pet reptile. The trouble, however, is that he’s not actually seen it!  He’s beginning to think it might even be just his imagination that he actually does have this pet!  He takes us around his house and garden with his faithful pet dog and tells us where he thinks he may have seen it. The man is increasingly exasperated and sad at the thought of not meeting his new pet.  That is, until he discovers chameleon’s care instructions stuck to his shoe. These instructions tell him exactly what to do if he can’t find it.
This smart reptile is not only expert at disguise, he’s also quite sneaky. Will the old man and his adorable dog ever find this clever lizard? Readers can search colourful, but tricky, illustrations in their own search for the chameleon. There is even a lovely twist at the end of the story.
Bookwagon also recommends Neon Leon, another excellent picture about chameleons.


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