Cook’s Cook


‘Cook’s Cook’, James Thompson, boards ‘Endeavour’ as cook for the crew of ‘Endeavour’ captained by James Cook, on its scientific expedition to the South Seas. There are 94 aboard, including Sir Joseph Banks’ researching ‘gentlemen’.

‘Cook’s Cook‘ is James Thompson’s diary of his experiences, including his larder, rations, recipes and creations. Award- winning book creator, Gavin Bishop, is unflinching in his descriptions, and exhaustive in his research. He offers the hardships of all aboard, and those they meet and exploit.

In the sestercentennial year of Captain James Cook’s voyage to the South Pacific, ‘Cook’s Cook’ is a worthy and fascinating publication. Bookwagon is proud to recommend this New Zealand title to readers of all ages from all nations.

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Cook’s Cook

The Cook Who Cooked for Captain Cook

Gavin Bishop

(Gecko Press)- hardback

‘Cook’s Cook’, John Thompson, sailed with ‘Endeavour’ for the South Pacific in 1768, along with marines, civilians, able-bodied seamen, midshipmen, officers, and Joseph Banks’ group of gentlemen. This is the story of that journey, their food, their experience and discoveries.


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