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Have you ever stopped to wonder how technology is all around us?  It is absolutely essential to our lives – from our mobile phones and computers we use, and to the homes we live in and the cars we drive.  Technology, however, is not just a 20th and 21st century phenomenon; it can be traced back thousands of years.  Our early ancestors were able to harness the power of fire and water, develop writing, books and mathematics.  At certain points in our history, such as the Iron Age and the Industrial Revolution, there were enormous leaps forward in innovation and ingenuity.

Cool Technology brings all this history together into a fascinating and accessible time line.  It also includes biographies of key innovators and inventors, such as Ada Lovelace, Bill Gates and Johannes Gutenberg.  It is also packed full of facts, as well as activities and experiments for children to do at home.

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Cool Technology

Jenny Jacoby and Jem Venn


Cool Technology is the latest title in the Cool… series introduces the creative and inventive world of technology with fun facts, timelines, experiments to try at home, and more!
Technology is all about inventing new devices and tools—things that we use every single day.  This genius little book takes the reader on a timeline journey, taking in the great thinkers and their inventions.  From Stone Age tech, such as hand axes and sewing needles, right up to date with microcomputers and nanotechnology, everything is here!
As well as looking ahead to the technology of the future, this book looks at major technology advancements of the past that changed the way people lived.  Examples include writing, the story of fire and the printing press. Included are engaging illustrations and infographics throughout.  There is also a strong interactive element, with experiments and activities that children can do at home!

From biographies of figures such as Bill Gates, Annie Easley, and Josephine Cochrane, and including the landmark technological advances such as the Iron Age, the Industrial Revolution, and personal computers, this book is sure to fascinate and intrigue any budding inventor and tech-head. The book also covers digital tech, electronics, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, medical technology, virtual reality, and inclusive tech.

Bookwagon also stocks Cool Engineering, a companion volume in the Cool series.  This Technology and Play web site is an excellent resource on the subject.


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