Counting with Tiny Cat


Deft, active, bold drawings within a limited palette, support keen kittenish humour in ‘Counting with Tiny Cat‘. There is joy in anticipating Tiny Cat’s activity going gloriously awry, in this gorgeous early picture book. ‘Counting with Tiny Cat‘ is an essential addition to any bedtime reading shelf. It’s one that suggests a need to read it again and again, with promises of undiminished fun and expectation. Viviane Schwarz doesn’t just ‘hit the target’ with this quiet, pulsating early counting book, but makes the target all her own. Fabulous!


Counting with Tiny Cat

Viviane Schwarz

(Walker) – board book

Tiny Cat is counting. You can join in too. The haphazard energy shown in Viviane Schwarz’s masterful illustrations shows that Tiny Cat is neither a reliable mathematician nor a deft juggler. ‘Counting with Tiny Cat’ turns counting on its ear. There’s opportunity to infer character and meaning, participate, laugh and discover, while enjoying a truly great picture book.

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