Courage in a poem


Is it possible to find Courage in a poem? Might it be through diving ‘ocean deep; to recall ‘your epic self‘? After all, as Kate Wakeling reminds us, this is as ‘sure as an anchor/ bright as the moon‘ and ‘a force beyond’.

Then again, might it be that by sticking ‘kind words’ upon ourselves, ‘like pollen to the knee to a bee’ we might cover ourselves with the same ‘nectar’ as poet Matt Goodfellow? What’s more, Sophia Thakur reminds us of how our mothers see us. Isn’t this with such certainty as to want us to ‘love‘ ourselves with the same belief?

Bookwagon is awed, mesmerised, inspired and delighted by the range, wonder and glorious messages of Courage in a poem. This is a masterclass of writing and inspiration from such outstanding empathetic wordsmiths. Then again, Courage in a  poem is a beautifully presented book, with such colours, intuition and craft in its presentation.

Bookwagon suggests Courage in a poem would be a superb book to share, quote from, gift and love.

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Courage in a poem

Poetry about empowerment

(Little Tiger Press)

‘You are all the good things. Though it can be easy to forget,/ fill up rooms with your brilliance, your voice…’  Cecilia Knapp introduces Courage in a poem with her Song for Exploding Stars. Thereafter, a range of poets, consider how to empower ourselves and each other. Then again, they address how to find the courage to be ‘strong and free‘.
Therefore, Joe Cook recalls being ‘the kid whose struggle is unseen‘ whose ‘heart races when asked to read aloud’. Although he ‘chews up knowledge and lets wisdom digest‘ his ‘belly is empty when it comes to a test’. Therefore, how does he find a confidence? Might it be through reminding himself and his readers that ‘You’re greater than a great, you’re bigger than an IQ’? 
Meanwhile, Mahogany L.Browne offers Instructions on Listening to the Trees. After all, she considers, ‘aren’t we part of their community too‘, ‘the sun and trees‘, for they ‘have a community all their own‘. Therefore, ‘like any true community/ We must nourish and care for one another/ If we are to grow’. 
Bookwagon adores this collection. The quality of poems selected here is astounding. What’s more, it inspires you to read the poems, read aloud, share and then gift this book. Like In You I See, Courage in a poem is a stirring, heartening and glorious poetry book that we recommend highly.



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