Coyote Summer


Julia has been expelled from school. She is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Kansas, where the environment, lifestyle and atmosphere are seemingly alien and hostile. Yet the rigour and rules ignite something new in Julia so that she is forced into action, decision, responsibility and meaningful relationships. Then there is the coyote, a silent summer spectator, as Julia unbends and rediscovers the joy and possibilities of dance…..

I love Dreaming the Bear  and couldn’t wait to read ‘Coyote Summer’. This is a magnificent book, fulsome, rich, wise and summertime beautiful. I recommend it to all readers looking for a story  that will leave them a little warmer, more fulfilled and hopeful.


Coyote Summer

Mimi Thebo

(Oxford University Press)

‘Under the wide Kansas prairie skies’ Julia discovers herself, drive, determination and dance, and a solitary coyote…. ‘Coyote Summer‘ is a glorious story about building resilience, making connections, taking responsibility while owning your future and your environment.


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