Crazy About Cats


Among the many fascinating facts about felines to be found in this fabulous book is that the fishing cat has partially webbed paws for catching fish.  We learn also that pumas can leap up over 5 metres into trees.  There are nearly 40 known species of cats in the world today.  Each one has adapted superbly to its environment – and cats live in all kinds of habitats, from deserts to tundra.

This stunningly illustrated guide by Owen Davey will teach you everything you need to know about our feline friends.  Part of his wondrous “About” series, Owen mixes his trademark fabulous illustrations with informative and wry and observations about these brilliant animals.

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Crazy About Cats

Owen Davey

(Flying Eye) – hardback

Owen Davey has triumphed again with the third in his super “About” series. This beautifully produced guide to cats reminds how our domesticated moggies and pedigree pusses have descended from lions and tigers. There is much to fascinate everyone interested in any catty creature, from lynx to cheetah. Apart from learning about the way cats have adapted to the rigours of their habitats, we also learn about their mythology.  They have long been important to human civilisations and culture.  Cats also have an important spiritual nature for many people who have revered our feline friends, and continue to.
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