Cream Buns and Crime


Robin Stevens’ Wells & Wong detective series is deservedly popular with confident middle grade readers. Through creating two such strong, capable and diverse characters within an historic setting, she has ensured devotion, interest and healthy acclaim- Murder Most Unladylike

This standalone title, Cream Buns and Crime offers stories and observations from other members of the detective society. Beanie and Kitty and Alexander and George of the Pinkerton Society share cases, opinions and experiences. Robin Stevens offers a few chapters, including real-life detective stories, and the history of this genre.

Cream Buns and Crime includes codes, clues and cakes, and, as to be expected, some additional commentary from Daisy Wells.

Keen fans of Daisy and Hazel’s stories, or those interested in detective stories and history, should read this fascinating title. Cream Buns and Crime is recommended to Bookwagon readers.


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Cream Buns and Crime

Tips, Tricks and Tales from the Detective Society

Robin Stevens


In Cream Buns and Crime, Daisy and Hazel invite you to discover their untold stories. There are many mysteries in the pages of Hazel’s casebook, from the macabre Case of the Deepdean Vampire, to the baffling Case of the Blue Violet.  Readers also get to read about their very first case: the Case of Lavinia’s Missing Tie.  Not only are these mystery tales included, we are also treated to many of Daisy and Hazel’s own tips, tricks and facts.
Author Robin Stevens has also included some of the history of detective novels, as well as looking at some of the greats of detective writing.  Furthermore, there are some tricky questions to test readers’ detective brains.
This book is a little different from the rest of the hugely popular Murder Most Unladylike series. Daisy teaches you how to  create your own detective society, while Hazel teaches you code making (and breaking). Even society members such as Beanie and Kitty are afforded an opportunity to tell their stories.
This is a companion volume to the main Murder Most Unladylike series, all of which are available in the Bookwagon on-line bookstore.


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