Croc O’Clock


It’s Croc O’Clock and that means feeding time for Crocodile. Thereafter, at Feeding Hour on the zoo clock, Crocodile will receive a meal! What’s more, it’s a traditional type of meal in that we can sing along and it’s progressive. Therefore, at one o’clock on the zoo clock, Crocodile indulges in a ‘mountain of macaroni’. At two o’clock on the zoo clock? Why, it’s ‘2 cups of tea and a mountain of macaroni’.

By ‘seven on the zoo clock, the keepers‘ dish out ‘7 creamy coffees!/ 6 tasty toffees/ 5 DOUGHNUT RIIINGS!/ 4  pumpkin pies/ 3 french fries/ 2 cups of tea/ And a mountain of macaroni!

Did we mention that Crocodile is famous for ‘being the biggest crocodile in the world‘? What’s more, it seems he’s growing bigger ‘hour by hour‘.

We love the inventiveness of Huw Lewis Jones’ rhyming story take on a traditional Christmas song. Then again Ben Sanders’s brilliant pictures are expressive and diverting.

Altogether, Croc O’Clock is a superb picture book bound to be one that is selected frequently for bedtime reading alongside one to recite and read alone. Bookwagon recommends it highly.

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Croc O’Clock

Huw Lewis Jones and Ben Sanders

(Happy Yak)

It seems that it’s Croc O’Clock. At least, it does for Crocodile. What’s more, we’re invited to watch Crocodile at Feeding Hour. It seems that ‘hour by hour’ he’s ‘getting bigger’. Thereafter, we’re invited to sing along, as ‘Feeding Time’ strikes!
Therefore, at ‘one on the zoo clock the keepers give- A Mountain of Macaroni’! Furthermore, at ‘two on the zoo clock‘ our hungry Crocodile receives ‘2 Cups of Tea!/ And a mountain of macaroni’. It seems at ‘three on the zoo clock, the keepers‘ dish out ‘3 French Fries!/ 2 Cups of tea/ And a mountain of macaroni’.
Altogether, we are counting down and thereafter, watching Crocodile anticipate the next feed while he grows and grows!
While this picture book uses the traditional song, The Traditional Days of Christmas, there seems to be little else that is traditional or expected! What’s more, as we sing along, enjoying the brilliant pictures by Ben Sanders, we become more aware of this crocodile’s sweet tooth! What will be the outcome?
Like Off-Limits, it seems as though we know there will be a mighty conclusion. However, might this wonderful picture book include a tiny, round, green postscript?
Bookwagon loves and recommends Croc O’Clock highly to our readers.


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