Cuddly Cow


Cuddly Cow has a problem. She’s been awake since dawn and she’s desperate to sleep. Yet the cows in the field are so noisy that she can’t settle. Where might she find peace and quiet?

Might it be with the hens? Or could their clucking be too loud? It would be a shame if Horse ‘neighed ‘No!‘ should she ask if  for a night’s sleep in the stable. What about the pigpen? Surely the pens would welcome Cuddly, if the ducks don’t quack up too much noise! What is the answer that might allow Cuddly to count sheep…

Cuddly Cow is a welcome addition to Axel Scheffler’s delightful Farmyard Friends’ series. We recommend this book, alongside its predecessors,Gobbly GoatHiggly Hen and Portly Pig as ideal choices for small readers’ repertoire and bookshelves!


Cuddly Cow

Axel Scheffler

(Nosy Crow)– board book

It’s time for bed for Cuddly Cow. She’s been ‘awake since dawn‘. Yet the other cows in her field ‘are far too loud‘ and she seeks ‘peace and quiet‘. Where can she go?
It seems the chicken shed is full of clucking while Horse neighs ‘No!’ when Cuddly asks if she might settle in the stable. Might it be that the pigpen could be to Cuddly’s liking or could the quacking ducks there make that place too noisy? What is to be done?
Bookwagon welcomes a new book in Axel Scheffler’s appealing Farmyard Friends’ series. This followsGobbly GoatHiggly Hen and Portly Pig. Like those books, Cuddly Cow has an entertaining, rhyming story, with a dilemma, possibilities and a happy conclusion. Furthermore, the pictures are rich with interest and joy. We hope Cuddly will find a lovely place to rest and be enjoyed by many, many young readers.


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