Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover


Every human wonders about what lives beyond our planet. Somewhere out there, on Mars works ‘Curiosity’  developed and launched toward answering that question. Mars was chosen because of its relative proximity to Earth, and its similarity in size and composition. However, what are the differences? What causes these differences? What are the similarities? Curiosity seeks to find out.

The bunny- suited scientists who created Curiosity invented a vehicle that was a mobile factory of technology and research. Furthermore this invention had to be able to travel through space, and survive tricky atmospheric and landing conditions. Other vehicles had been developed and failed. What are the reasons for Curiosity’s success?

The step-by-step explanations and progress are really interesting. Markus Motum uses such a mature colour palette, alongside bold images and fonts to draw interest and drama. The maps and photographic type images extend the authenticity and ‘weight’ of ‘Curiosity’. This is a powerful and interesting non-fiction picture book that we recommend highly to readers of all ages.

Shortlisted for the Klaus Flugge prize and the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize 

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Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover

Markus Motum


Curiosity researches the Martian environment. Every human who’s looked at heavens wonders, ‘Is there anybody out there?’  Just think of The Skies Above My Eyes.This rover seeks to answer the question.
A rover is a moving rocket built to explore far off places- too far away or dangerous for humans to visit‘. Why is Curiosity exploring Mars? Could it be its relative proximity or the possibility that Mars ‘is the planet in our solar system most similar to Earth’? What did the project involve? The vehicle had to be able to withstand a journey of 350, 000, 000 miles. It had to be able to ‘move over tough terrain.’ Furthermore it was travelling into unknown territory. This required the jet propulsion lab to work in ‘bunny suits‘. After all, anything found on Mars, would be  truly found on Mars! This vehicle had to be its own mobile laboratory of equipment and manage the vagaries of ‘hurtling through space’ before landing through a layered, difficult atmosphere.
Markus Motum has created an exceptionally interesting book in Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover. Through taking us step-by-step, from our motivation, through the history and development, there is a sense that we are aboard! Furthermore, within the information is in-built suspense:- ‘Blast off!’  The pictures are symbolic to the mission and the people and places involved. I love the shadows and palette.


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