Curious Kids: Stars and Space


Christiane Engel’s pop-up pictures burst through the solar system. They order our planets alongside offering information about each, from Jonny Marx. For example, Mars has a volcano ‘that’s two and a half times the height of Earth’s tallest mountain’.

Thereafter, we read of the variety of space rockets and stations that have been created since the 20th century. It seems that ‘the fuel required to power a space shuttle’ is twenty times more than the shuttle!

We travel to the moon, realising that the footprints cast on that surface ‘will exist for millions of years‘. What’s more we watch stars, comets, meteoroids, asteroids and quasars, the ‘brightest things in the universe’.

Curious Kids: Stars and Space is a thoroughly informative, satisfying and beautifully created pop-up information book. Bookwagon recommends this title to those interested in space, and those who enjoy reading and sharing together too.

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Curious Kids: Stars and Space

With pop- ups

Written by Jonny Marx, picture by Christiane Engel

(Little Tiger)- hardback

Curious Kids: Stars and Space is a succinct, user-friendly and appealing introduction to the solar system. Thereafter, we dip into realising the spectacle of space. It seems astronauts must be very fit. We’ve read a little about this in How to Be an Astronaut. What’s more they need to be aware that their fitness helps protect them against the dangers of weak muscles and bones that result from floating in space.
A pop-up solar system enforces the order of planets and thereafter their differences; from Jupiter’s size to the proximity of Mercury to the Sun. An incidental anecdote within the double page about space stations is startling. It seems a space shuttle crew ‘can see the sun rising or setting every 45 minutes‘! Then again, did you  know that ‘it takes eight minutes and twenty seconds for the sunlight from our Sun to reach Earth…’
Although this pop-up picture book about our universe is an introduction, the information it includes is really interesting and fulfilling. What’s more its construction, as with Curious Kids: Age of the Dinosaurs is powerful and beautiful. It means that a shooting star bursts through the double page that focuses upon stars. Christiane Engel has created a title that will fascinate and satisfy many readers. Curious Kids: Stars and Space is an ideal selection to share, read through, understand and enjoy.


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