Daddy Long Legs


‘Daddy Long Legs‘ promises Matty that come what may, he will be there at the end of the nursery day to collect Matty. The old green car may develop ‘hiccups’ again, but there’ll be a tractor. The tractor may be tired from driving over fields, but ‘Daddy Long Legs‘ will find another method of transport. If worse comes to worse, why ‘Daddy Long Legs‘ will use his own long legs to make sure that Matty is brought home!

This is such a warm, reassuring story. ‘Daddy Long Legs‘ attends to Matty’s anxieties, and reassures him that all will be well and he understands. The loving kindness and imaginative responses are wonderful. I can imagine a bedtime listener predicting the next suggestion that ‘Daddy Long Legs‘ offers. This is a truly delightful story!


Daddy Long Legs

Nadine Brun- Cosme and Aurélie Guillerey

(Two Hoots Books)

‘Daddy Long Legs‘ drives Matty to nursery although the car has the ‘hiccups’ and doesn’t run easily. It starts Matty worrying… ‘What if the car doesn’t start again?’ ‘What if the big red tractor is too tired?’
‘Daddy Long Legs’ is an imaginative, expansive and enrapturing picture book we adore. Bookwagon suggests that your readers will love this hug of a story, too.


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