Danny and the Dream Dog


Danny dreams about dogs. He imagines all the exciting things they might do together. Yet, with Danny at school and Mum at work, having a dog is out of the question.

Might Maximus be the answer? The new next-door neighbour is not able to walk her dog. Mum suggests that ‘Danny and the Dream Dog‘- Maximus, might be a perfect combination. Yet Maximus doesn’t really behave as Danny dreamed he might. He pulls on the lead and is a bit stinky when it’s wet. What is to be done?

‘Danny and the Dream Dog’ is a really satisfying picture book for dog lovers and picture book sharers.


Danny and the Dream Dog

Written by Fiona Barker, illustrated by Howard Gray

(Tiny Tree Children’s Books)

Could Maximus be Danny’s dream dog? Danny has longed for his own dog for ages, yet Mum says it’s out of the question. Might Maximus, the dog next door, provide the answer? ‘Danny and the Dream Dog‘ have to get to know each other to find out!




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