Dara Palmer’s Major Drama


Dara Palmer’s Major Drama’ is making sure she gets the remote control from her sister. It’s making sure her sister doesn’t cross the line she’s imposed to separate their bedroom spaces. It’s also Miss ‘Snarling’s casting of the end-of-year play. Can’t Miss ‘Snarling’ see that she, and best friend Lacey, make the most dramatic faces? They must be guaranteed major roles!

Then there’s Vanna. Years ago she and Dara were Cambodian orphans. Dara doesn’t remember her infancy, or being adopted by her family. Vanna seeks to remember by returning to the place from which they both came. She wants Dara to join her, but Dara isn’t keen. What will Vanna discover?

Dara Palmer’s Major Drama’ is an inspirational, warm, rich story with such a dynamic main character. We sympathise with brother Felix and sister Georgia, while Dara endears herself to us, like them, through her irrepressibility and gusto. We’re rather smitten by Emma Shevah’s books, and proud to recommend them to our readers!

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Dara Palmer’s Major Drama

Emma Shevah

(Chicken House)

Dara Palmer is counting down the moments until the cast list of this year’s end-of-year play. She’s a certainty for a major part. Dara has her heart set on Maria. Her best friend Lacey must win a lead role too! After all the two can pull all the faces, know all the Hollywood news and the soap opera story lines. What more could Miss ‘Snarling’ require?
Dara Palmer’s Major Drama‘ unfolds, as she learns about what really matters, in friendship, casting, family and belonging. What a tremendous story!


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