Dark Sky Park


From tardigrade sagas, to glacier worms, early man to the great whales, Dark Sky Park‘ is a poetic exploration of our planet. It seems as though Philip Gross enraptures the reader with the detail, humour and devotion of his words.

Altogether, Dark Sky Park is an outstanding poetry collection. It is one that Bookwagon recommends constantly to readers. We are proud to have it aboard.

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Dark Sky Park

Poems from the Edge of Nature

Philip Gross, illustrations by Jesse Hodgson

(Otter-Barry Books)

These poems ‘from the edge of nature’ are a collection wherein Philip Gross explores the world about us with wonder and intricacy Thereafter, he imagines the lives of tardigrades, or contemplates the wonder of a Dark Sky Park that bans artificial lights. It seems as though with every creation, there is awe for the history, continuity and wealth of life on our planet. We’re reminded of Dara McAnulty’s introduction to Poems from a Green & Blue Planet,
What’s more, Philip Gross uses a variety of poetry forms. There is a difference in tone; humorous (‘Extreme Aunt’/ ‘Extreme Uncle’) to deeply respectful (‘The Toughest Thing You Never Noticed’), saddened (‘Aleppo Cat‘) to enquiring (‘Moon Music’), mocking (homo sapiens), or scathing (‘Extreme Dining’). However at every turn there is a deep examination and understanding. It’s as though the poet is absorbed by his subject. Then again, this clear appreciation and almost scalpel like poetic describing means that we’re completely captivated.
 Altogether, Dark Sky Park is a monumental collection of poetry albeit in a slight volume. In fact, this Bookwagon reader lost time in reading and rereading the works. Thereafter there was an overwhelming feeling of utter joy and respect for the works within this book.  It means, all in all, that Bookwagon recommends this superb title highly.



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