Harriet Culpepper is planning a new expedition for the Aurora sky-ship. The Brightstorm twins, Arthur and Maudie, are now her guardians and trainees, following their Brightstorm adventure.

Arthur is compelled by instinct; he is aware that his aunt, Eudora Vane, responsible, thought not held accountable, for the death fo their explorer father, is not to be trusted. Therefore, he spies upon her, and her henchman, Smethwyck. When he sees Smethwyck breaking into a grand Lontown house, that he learns belongs to missing explorer Ermitage Wrigglesworth, Arthurs smells a rat.

Thereafter, Eudora calls an emergency meeting of the Lontown Geographical Society, where she urges an armada to venture into the Eastern Isles, where she says there is evidence of Ermitage.  What did Eudora discover in the papers that Smethwyck returned to the Vane estate? Arthur, Maudie and the Culpepper crew know that Eudora Vane is only motivated by greed and victory. Yet there is a further clue in the mysterious envelope that Arthur is given by Harriet’s aunt Octavie. What do the symbols mean? What is this word- Erythea– which appears mysteriously?

Words are not the only mysterious things that appear. At times, Arthur and Maudie are aware of being watched. Somehow, as the journey continues, there is less sense and control in what is being encountered and discovered. Thereafter, the adventure become bigger, more frightening- and leads to the twins separation…

We pick up where we left off  in ‘Brightstorm‘ in many ways with ‘Darkwhispers’. I love the way the twins are growing, changing, learning and becoming very separate, strong people. Furthermore, I relish their strengths,loyalty and  individual ingenuity. However, it’s what their journeying arrives at in ‘Darkwhispers’ which is  most moving, hopeful and inspiring. What a very special book. Bookwagon urges you to meet your own ‘Darkwhispers’.



A Brightstorm Adventure

Vashti Hardy


‘Darkwhispers‘ lie within tales told by Lontown Geographical Society members. However, ahead of an Eastern Isles expedition by Harriet Culpepper and her ‘Aurora’ sky-ship crew, the society calls an emergency meeting.  Explorer, Eudora Vane, the Brightstorm twins’ aunt and nemesis, wishes to extend this expedition to an armada sized fleet. It seems that she has evidence of the whereabouts of missing explorer Ermitage Wrigglesworth. Therefore, she demands the society has a responsibility to find him.
However. Arthur and Maudie Brightstorm, guardians of Harriet Culpepper, spied their aunt’s henchman breaking into the missing explorer’s house. It appears that whatever he found has inspired Eudora Vane’s rallying cry. Foul play is afoot! The twins have experienced Eudora Vane’s ruthlessness. For not only is the twins’ aunt responsible for their father’s death, but she lied, just as she’s lied in other circumstances. Furthermore, she demonstrates no conscience in her quest to be first and best within the exploration world.
Readers were drawn into the rushing adventure of Brightstorm. It feels as though we are passengers aboard the ‘Aurora‘. Therefore, we wonder where this latest adventure might lead. Could rumoured lands exist? Fruits, flower water cups, suction shoes? Maybe there will be  an environmental paradise such as the legendary Erythea? Could there be a development in ‘perfect harmony with the natural world’?
As with Brightstorm we are engaged by the twins’ relationship, their individuality and discoveries. Yet somehow, this writer convinces us in her settings also. We are committed to the secrets and wonder of the Eastern Isles and hopeful at what has been created. ‘Darkwhispers’ is a bold, magical, pink-crystal, wing-swept, adventure  Bookwagon recommends highly.



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