Darwin: An Exceptional Voyage


In 1831, a 15-years-old Charles Darwin, an enthusiastic young scientist, sets sail aboard the H.M.S. Beagle. The journey will change both his life and the course of modern science…

This is a quite remarkable and intelligent graphic novel from the award-winning team of Fabien Grolleau and Jérémie Royer. It follows Darwin as he embarks on the voyage that began his career, which was in turn to change our understanding of the world.  His was a journey of thrilling discovery, exploring remote corners of the natural world.  The sumptuous illustrations throughout this ‘graphic novelisation’ piece together the very beginnings of his revolutionary theory of evolution, in a fascinating and entertaining way.

Darwin: An Exceptional Voyage’ is a total show-stopper; a stupendous non-fiction historical reference work and graphic novel rolled into one. This ‘forever’ book will be enjoyed by all generations.


Darwin: An Exceptional Voyage

Fabien Grolleau and Jeremie Royer

(Nobrow) – hardback

Can you imagine 15- year old Charles Darwin stepping aboard the first voyage of ‘The Beagle’? Furthermore, are you aware of the trials and tribulations that resulted from his observations?
Darwin: An Exceptional Voyage’ offers a fresh perspective on this man upended the world. In its telling, author and illustrator present a gripping story that resonates with interest, information and delight. Hence, it seems like we are aboard ‘The Beagle’ taking in what Darwin saw, wrestling with his learning and the conflict this incurs.
This is a truly immersive picture book experience. Bookwagon is proud to recommend and sell this mighty book.
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