Dasher Can’t Wait for Christmas


How will Dasher find her way home? She’s so excited about Christmas that the twelve sleep countdown seems endless! There are carols in the air and bright lights that tempt her. It means that she takes to the air, flying overhead, enjoying the wonder and spectacle of the season.

However when the snowy night obscures the North Star, Dasher has a problem. Can the boy who lives in the brightly lit house help? After all, aren’t all children good and kind? Then again, what might Santa do when Dasher shares her story?

Within pictures that make our skin tingle, Matt Tavares tells a story of such Christmas magic that we are delighted. Bookwagon adores Dasher Can’t Wait for Christmas. What’s more, Bookwagon recommends this beautiful book for gifting, sharing, loving and reading aloud, often. It is beautiful.

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Dasher Can’t Wait for Christmas

Matt Tavares

(Walker Books)

Dasher’s so excited for Christmas. It seems that every day she asks Mama how many sleeps until it’s time to pull Santa’s sleigh. What’s more, as it gets to twelve sleeps it seems as though the air is rich with promise. Not only are there carols but then the lights? They’re magical! It seems that Dasher Can’t Wait for Christmas. 
Mama promises that the North Star will guide any reindeer home. However when Dasher’s too tempted by her excitement and takes to the air, she hits a problem. What if the sky’s full of snow? Then again, what if she is exhausted and hungry and has to retreat to the bright lights of a home? Isn’t this the time of kindness? Then again, isn’t every child kind, too? Maybe a friendly voice, the offer of carrots and then a compass to help? What will our reindeer arrange with Santa in return?
Bookwagon is overjoyed to be reacquainted with Matt Tavares’ beautiful character anew. Not only is there such tenderness and consideration within the story, but these pictures tear at our heartstrings and remind us of the hope of the season. Bookwagon recommends Dasher Can’t Wait for Christmas to read aloud, share, gift and cherish.


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