Deadly Deep


What could possibly go wrong? After all, Mr C has the hot choccies sorted out and the Latchitts are at home in England facing trial. Although a five day South of France boat trip seems an unlikely possibility for Angelo or Naira, they’ve won scholarships. That means all of Club Loser are aboard. Then again, it seems Colette’s mother’s with them, embarrassing Colette alongside Mr C. Furthermore, their Headteacher has elected to attend. However, despite Haillie’s apprehensions, the group are determined to make the best of this experience.

Angelo watches the ROV reveal the secrets of the sea beneath them, and becomes concerned when the screen is empty, seemingly dead. What is going on? What’s more, when there’s a tremendous crash, the group is reminded of Haillie’s warning. However, when Gus and Angelo find themselves overboard, there’s a fresh new discovery….. what has happened to the sea creatures?

Could it be anything to do with an intruder aboard? What might this person want from Club Loser? Could he be related to any of the Latchitt’s evil plans? Deadly Deep ratchets up the pace, intrigue and drama. Once again, Jennifer Killick’s quick ear for dialogue has us laughing out loud, while we cheer for our quintet, as we realise their bond, skills and courage. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome aboard Deadly Deep, the fourth, yet stand alone, instalment in the Dread Wood series

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Deadly Deep

It Waits for You in the Water

Jennifer Killick


Hallie challenges Mr C to think of ‘one movie set on a boat that ends well’. It seems she’s not happy to be aboard the Melusine on a ‘school trip of [Angelo’s] dreams- five days in the South of France’. However, Club Loser should be relieved. After all, the Latchitts are awaiting trial in England, so what could go wrong?
Angelo’s fascinated by the ROV on board that shows the Deadly Deep marine surrounds. Although other passengers are concerned by the sighting of a Great White Shark, Angelo’s aware that they’re in the Med. He’s more concerned when there is little to see at all. Furthermore, when things begin to go out of control, and he and Gus find themselves overboard, the creatures that they discover are most definitely dead. What on earth is happening?
Jennifer Killick presents such a pacy, funny, loud, true, gruesome and imaginative setting for our latest Dread Wood instalment. We’re aware of the strength of bond between the five teens who are now Year 8 students. What’s more, we realise their individual strengths, alongside their courage. Bookwagon loves this title. Deadly Deep is a choccie chaud return for a ‘sick’ series that we love and recommend to our readers.


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