Dear Dinosaur


Would you write to a dinosaur? Would you expect a letter in return? When Max writes to T. Rex after an enjoyable visit to the museum, he kickstarts a special friendship. We are invited to share the tips, information and news, contained in the postcards and letters that travel between the pair.

‘Dear Dinosaur‘ is a very funny, warm and encouraging picture book. While ideal for dinosaur fans, it offers rather more in the friendship and warmth and creative storytelling. It is reminiscent of Allan and Janet Ahlberg’s classic ‘Dear Mr Postman’ or Emma Yarlett’s wonderful Dragon Post

We think ‘Dear Dinosaur‘ is destined to become a firm Bookwagon favourite with our younger readers!


Dear Dinosaur

Chae Strathie and Nicola O’Byrne


Max’s delight upon his visit to the museum kickstarts a correspondence with T. Rex. Will T. Rex return his correspondence? What might the two learn about each other? What a reading treat!  Readers have an opportunity to peep in on an unusual, wildly imaginative friendship!


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