Dear Little One


There is such a big world to explore, and it seems that Dear Little One is given an invitation to step out. There are stars upon which to marvel within the ‘vastness of space’, alongside ‘mammals and birds, reptiles and amphibians too‘ to love, bees to be grateful for, and flowers to celebrate.

Alongside each shining suggestion from Nina Laden, are intricate, winding illustrations from Melissa Castrillon, reminiscent of the historical botanical pictures of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. What’s more, there is urgency to the suggestions, that culminate in the reminder to ‘care for this world./ It will be a friend to you,/ and be there fore your children,/ and their children too.’ 

Bookwagon loves Dear Little One. It is a memorable, meaningful and beautiful picture book, ideal as a gift for a newborn, a song to sing, know and love. This is a title to treasure.

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Dear Little One

Nina Laden and Melissa Castrillon

(Simon & Schuster)- hardback

‘Take in the sights,/ take in the sound. Take in the scents/ that excite and astound’. After all, Dear Little One, your ‘time on Earth has just begun’. Therefore, you’ve flowers to celebrate and trees to worship. What’s more, you’ve glowing, shiny insects to investigate and spiderwebs to explore. Then again, you’ve forests in which to hike and oceans and lakes, faraway and near’, to visit.
It seems as though Nina Laden’s rhyming text is a rich invitation offered as though to a beginner on the edge of a diving board of life. Then again, the illustrations of Melissa Castrillon, with their twirls, and rich, almost Persian colours, call us to wonder and luxuriate over. Altogether, they mean that we do share the feelings and actions, so that we ‘treasure the deserts./ Explore the sand’ or then ‘climb up the mountains‘ while ‘in awe of the sun.‘ After all, it feels as though we’re seeing the world anew with a new reader, through this picture book! .
Just as with The Balcony, by this illustrator, Bookwagon considers Dear Little One, a beautiful book to share, know, recite and gift. It is a title that deserves to be  treasured.


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