Dear Scarlett


Dear Scarlett‘ opens with our title character nonplussed by delivery of a package shortly after her 11th birthday. Why would her late father, whom she recollects in snatches, offer her some postcards, picklocks and a copy of ‘Gone with the Wind’. There’s a note too:- ‘Keep looking up Scarlett, keep up the gym and don’t trust just ANYONE.’

Scarlett’s tempted by the mysterious delivery. A midnight escapade and wildlife rescue are trivial as the intrigue and truth become deeper and darker.

Fleur Hitchcock is an eminently readable, fast-paced, truthful children’s writer. Her mystery stories are pulsating and peopled with likeable, real characters like Scarlett.

We recommend ‘Dear Scarlett‘ to readers who enjoy pacy, cracking stories, with great characters in realistic situations.


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Dear Scarlett

Fleur Hitchcock

(Nosy Crow)

Dear Scarlett...’ begins the letter Scarlett receives shortly after her 11th birthday. There’s nothing particularly unusual in receiving a letter, but this is from her father. Scarlett’s father died five years before, and was a notorious burglar. The mystery begins the moment Scarlett opens the door. There’s a strange man with a package for her. Inside are snippets and odd notes and clues. It seems the box is given to her ‘on her father’s instructions’. Yet why? Then again, what does the warning note mean? ‘Keep looking up Scarlett, keep up the gym and don’t trust just ANYONE.’ However, what does it mean? Furthermore what are the tools and snippets for?
It seems that only Ellie, Scarlett’s irritating stepsister, might be drawn into Scarlett’s search. However, Scarlett’s search is obstacle strewn. After all half the town know of her father and have a low opinion of him. Then again, what they know is about diamonds. Diamonds? It seems that Scarlett’s search is harried by the constant presence of the Lady Mayoress and her Chauffeur. What on earth does she have to do with this hunt? Then again, what does Scarlett’s father mean in his oblique clues?
 Fleur Hitchcock is adept at taking her readers into her adventures immediately so that we arrive with the dilemma to be solved. We’ve seen this in her other superb novels, including Waiting for Murder. Therefore, we’re invested in Scarlett’s problem from the beginning. Bookwagon loves this writer’s books. We recommend this title and every other to our readers.
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