Dear Ugly Sisters and Other Poems

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We take note of the natural world from the Birch-day of Ash, to a glorious, illustrative Haiku. Thereafter, in the shape poem, ‘Get Off!’ we are party to the old tree’s response to the wall- ‘think/ of what’s good/ about having the/ shade of my wonderful wood.’ 

Laura Mucha seems able to get into the heads and hearts of imaginative characters, such as fairytale folk, and then to those we know from public life. What of Prince George on his first day of school, for example? Or the children separated from their parents when ‘illegally’ entering the US in 2018? Dear Ugly Sisters and Other Poems beats with empathy. 

Yet there’s fun, nonsense and narrative too. In Wanted: Wizard’s Assistant, the job description is a veritable cauldron of alliteration! Thereafter, we enjoy a treasure trove of insults from Shakespeare. 

Bookwagon loves Dear Ugly Sisters and Other Poems. Laura Mucha’s poetry is confident, skilled, absorbing and vast. Tania Rex’s illustrations fit the mood and theme perfectly. We recommend this title highly for readers at home and school. 

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Dear Ugly Sisters and Other Poems

by Laura Mucha, illustrated by Tania Rex

(Otter-Barry Books)

I’ve waited for a collection of poetry from Laura Mucha since reading her poem ‘The Lonely Side of the Moon‘ in Moonstruck! Therefore, we’re delighted to welcome Dear Ugly Sisters and Other Poems.
The title poem, Dear Ugly Sisters, is the leaving note we’d hope for in the 21st century:- ‘Leaving tonight, so good luck with the chores,/ I’m dropping my apron and keys by the door.’ We visit fairy tale characters Rapunzel and the Princess in the Pea. Rapunzel’s poem pays its dues to Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes
The poet takes up the thoughts of a robotic life, with somebody buried ‘under my skin’ in ‘Bulletproof’. Further empathy is shown the melancholy and lost in ‘The Land of the Blue’. Thereafter, Laura Mucha shares a collaborative poem written during the pandemic in ‘Dear Key Workers’. In fact many poems address current events as in (Prince George’s) First Day of School or How Long Until I Can See Mum?
Other topics include the natural world. In Flight– ‘I float, I glide,/ I hold my feathered wings out wide/ and watch the world beneath.’ This poems offers the experience of the great vastness of the world. Its speaker, a bird, returns in a beautiful shape poem, ‘Lunch with Birds’ There’s another natural conversation, with terrific wordplay in ‘Ash’s Birchday’. 
There are adept changes of pace and form in these poems. I love the shape poetry, such as ‘Fleming’s Petri Dish‘ and thereafter the non-standard acrostic ‘Mad Dogs‘. There’s an urgency, compassion and sense of observation pulsating through this poetry book. Bookwagon recommends Dear Ugly Sisters for reading at home and in the classroom.


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  1. Paula Hale (verified owner)

    This is fabulous collections of poems. I have used this a lot in school when the poems match our themes or discussion or simply just to enjoy poetry. The children like this as they can read it on their own.

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