Deborah Meaden Talks Money


Deborah Meaden is one of the UK’s best known investors and entrepreneurs.  She has a reputation for ethical investing and supporting ‘Green’ businesses.  With her excellent book Deborah Meaden Talks Money, she lifts the lid on the way money works and why, as well as economics, business and essential money-related life skills.

This is a highly readable and relatable book, packed full of information and answers to questions you didn’t know you had!

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Deborah Meaden Talks Money

Deborah Meaden

(Red Shed)

The Dragon’s Den investor and ‘serial entrepreneur’ provides an entertaining and indispensable guide to money, economics and business with Deborah Meaden Talks Money.
These are subjects many young people struggle to understand and in this book, Deborah sets out to explain what money is, how it works and how it affects the decisions of us all.  Many people are fearful of the subject of money.  However, understanding money and personal finances is an essential life skill.  Deborah explains the origins of money, how it drives the economy and business and helps to dispel those fears.  If you struggle to understand mortgages, loans, cryptocurrencies and basic economics theory and principles, this is the book for you.
Deborah illustrates many of her points through interviews with top business people and personalities such as Steven Bartlett, Gary Neville and Sophie Ellis Bextor.  Using relatable and everyday examples, this excellent book will help young people to discover how to manage money.  You can also learn to budget like a business person and how to avoid and deal with debt.  Further if you’ve never contemplated life beyond education and work, there is also an essential guide to pensions.
Readers may also want to check out A Quick History of Money and Cash, also available in the Bookwagon on-line bookstore.


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