Defender of the Realm: King’s Army: 3


The Defender is dead. The Black Dragon under Lord Protector Lock’s direction is crowned. Britain is cast in a fog of misery, turbulence and bitter Viking stench. Yet, in a tiny pocket of Watford, Hayley fights this truth, determined to hold out hope. Miles away, a displaced Tower of London raven watches and waits for Alfie, ‘Defender of the Realm’ to return, and raise a ‘Kings Army’.

Defender of the Realm King’s Army‘ is a stunning book. It is exhilarating, wonderfully researched, brave and encouraging. The wait for the conclusion to this trilogy has been agonising, but the conclusion is more wonderful than a Wyvern dive bomb! We recommend  Defender of the Realm unequivocally.

‘Always buy British!’- Dark Age awaits!

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Defender of the Realm:King’s Army: 3

Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler


The Defender of the Realm Trilogy concludes in the rotten-meat breathtaking, blink shifting, outstanding ‘Defender of the Realm: King’s Army: 3.
Professor Lock and a retinue undead Vikings and berserkers have overcome Britain. The Defender is no more. Hope seems lost. Yet in an American prairie, deep underwater, and on a Watford council estate, there are flickers of resistance.


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