George’s birthday offers little to celebrate. There’s a cake, some warcraft figurines, and Grandad’s brought a gift, but he isn’t really engaged for he has an appointment with the hairdresser. When the present is revealed as aftershave that George’s mother bought Grandad many years ago, George’s birthday sinks another notch into obscurity. The revelation of that gift, ‘Desirable‘, a 1982 aftershave, is mind-blowing. George doesn’t know whether to be delighted or horrified- and there’s the rub.

This heart-warming, very funny story is recommended for all Bookwagon readers demanding a satisfying story of affirmation and values. This is a dyslexia friendly title. 



Frank Cottrell Boyce

(Barrington Stoke)

Desirable‘, the aftershave your mother gave your grandfather in 1982 doesn’t seem a particularly ‘desirable’ birthday present. Little does George know its effect when he waves a little on before he heads off for another day of school….
This funny, warm book is beautifully written with a gentle message amongst the laughs. We recommend ‘Desirable’ to readers aged from 10 years. A dyslexia- friendly title.


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