Destiny Ink: Sleepover Surprise


Although Destiny and Olivia are best friends, Destiny’s anxious about camping outdoors overnight at Olivia’s home. Although Destiny’s mum and dad reassure her that Olivia’s parents know that Destiny’s jittery, the jitters grow and grow. She worries about how Fuzzy, her hamster, will cope too, Thereafter, when she goes to bed on the night before her sleepover, it’s with a bubbling tummy and full mind. However, it’s nighttime noises that awaken her.

Who is Trog? A nighttime monster more scared of Destiny than she is of him? It seems that this is Trog’s first night of nighttime exploring and he has the collywobbles. Can Destiny help him? Feed him on-pons and then refresh him with some water, maybe? Thereafter, what might she learn from this little nighttime monster about facing fears? Furthermore, what about being a kind and welcoming host?

Bookwagon loves Destiny Ink: Sleepover Surprise and recommends it highly for newer, less experienced, chapter book readers.

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Destiny Ink: Sleepover Surprise

Adeola Sokunbi

(Nosy Crow)

Destiny’s excited to be staying overnight in a tent outdoors at her best friend’s home. Isn’t Olivia the person she loves to spend time with? Then again, won’t ‘Olivia’s Mum help- toast marshmallows over a fire’? Won’t she be aware that Destiny’s a little anxious and make sure she’s comfortable. It seems Destiny’s worried about her hamster, Fuzzy. After all, doesn’t he feel nervous about new situations? Then again, this is Destiny’s first time staying away, so she’s a little anxious. While Mum and Dad try to reassure her, it seems her jitters awaken her. She’s thinking upon herself, Destiny Ink: Sleepover Surprise.
Thereafter, in the deep of the night, what if she’s aware of something about her in the dark? Maybe something like Trog, who’s a taste for on-pons? Could it be that this visiting night-time monster might calm Destiny’s fears?
Adeola Sokunbi offers such an accessible, encouraging story, rich with Destiny’s drawings whereby she describes and works out her life. What’s more, like Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door and the Mermaid’s Treasure and others in this series, this title is really empowering. It’s considering small battles, that might loom large and helping our central character find a way of stepping forward and coping.
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