Detective Gordon A Complicated Case


There is trouble in the forest. Does saying un-nice things break the law? It’s certainly unravelling a few feathers and fur is flying. Detective Gordon must search his weighty law books, fortified by a cake or four, while his keen assistant Buffy searches for clues, possibly in disguise.

A Complicated Case‘ causes our two leads to face their individual fears, and recognise the strength they have found in each other and their roles.

The Detective Gordon series is gentle, affirmative, quirky and very warm. This second book, ‘A Complicated Case‘ secures the characters’ identities further.  It builds a complex theme of ethical concerns,  while extending  readers’ opportunities to consolidate reading familiarity and confidence. The Detective Gordon series is a highly effective, quality reading selection.

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Detective Gordon: A Complicated Case

Ulf Nilsson and Gitta Spee

(Gecko Press)

Detective Buffy is searching for clues, while Detective Gordon is poring through the law books. Who is saying un-nice things? Is it a crime? This is ‘A Complicated Case‘ for our two detectives. The second outing for our forest pair is delightful and gripping.


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