Detective Gordon: The First Case


Almost from the first page, I was smiling. ‘Detective Gordon: The First Case‘ is a quirky, appealing, almost whimsical tale. It begins with Detective Gordon, forgoing his cakes and tea, to aid a squirrel whose nut haul has been thieved. Who could it be? With snow, hunger and the pains of old-toad age, Inspector Gordon realises that he needs an assistant. Luckily, a rather small one is at the scene of the crime…..

I love ‘The First Case‘ and can see the series being a great hit that will really engage emergent readers. I recommend it highly.


Detective Gordon: The First Case

Ulf Nilsson and Gitte Spee

(Gecko Press)

The First Case is a  charming, convincing and beautifully structured opening book in the Detective Gordon series. Detective Gordon runs a tight ship, albeit with tea and cake breaks. Yet age, the theft of a squirrel nut haul and responsibilities create a need for an assistant; who will he choose? He wouldn’t seek out a confused little mouse would he? Perhaps it’s the need for cake, a lack of challenge and her need for safety that seals it. Yet is seems there’s a case at hand, or is there? The series continues to include A Case for Buffy where we realise the strength and origins of this interloper. For now, let’s welcome The First Case.


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