Diary of an Accidental Witch


Bea Black is appalled to learn that she’s enrolled for the wrong school. After all, Ash, her new friend, is disparaging, while she’s intrigued and horrified by what she’s seen and heard of the School of Extraordinary Arts. It seems to be hidden away in Little Spellshire, the village where  Bea and her father have moved.

Then again, this is a strange village, with its phenomenal weather changes and millions of cats.

However, the school is nothing like Bea could imagine…. For starters, it seems as though falling over a broom upon her entrance, was a crime. Then there’s capes and levitation, strange P.E. and peculiar lessons. What’s more, the school dinners are extraordinarily horrible.

We read about Bea’s experiences through her Diary of an Accidental Witch, becoming more and more perturbed and curious at each discover Bea makes. How can the food smell one way and taste another? What is it with frogs? How do you celebrate Halloween at this school?


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Diary of an Accidental Witch

Perdita & Honor Cargill, illustrated by Katie Saunders

(Little Tiger)

Bea is delighted by her father’s gift of a journal. After all, it’s a way to chronicle their move to Little Spellshire, where Bea’s father’s will research extraordinary weather phenomena. What’s more, she soon makes a friend who’ll be attending the village Academy with her. Thus we begin reading her Diary of an Accidental Witch. 
Unfortunately, there’s an alarming error. It seems that Bea’s  enrolled for the wrong school. Otherwise, why else would she be attending The School of Extraordinary Arts? Not only is the curriculum unlike anything that might be expected, but Bea is entirely out of her depth! From the moment she arrives, colliding with a broom and thereafter collecting a frog, she’s all at sixes and sevens. It seems the only thing that makes it bearable is hiding in the broom cupboard at lunchtime with Stan (the frog). Certainly, the school dinners are entirely off limits! Then again, isn’t levitation, something that appears within Physics’ lessons, is completely unknown. What has Bea fallen into?
To make matters worse, her village friend, Ash, is appalled at Bea’s new school. It seems that it has some sort of reputation amongst the Academy pupils. Yet as we read Bea’s Diary of an Accidental Witch, an account of her first term, we begin to understand. However, we’re also rather panicked for her as Halloween arrives and then by her homework assignments. Thank heaven for Go… the game she learns in P.E!
Perdita and Honor Cargill have created a warm and witty witch novel, reminiscent of Everyday Magic and The Accidental Wizard.


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