Dictionary of Dinosaurs


What an invitation! ‘Dictionary of Dinosaurs’ offers readers the opportunity to learn about ‘every dinosaur that’s ever been discovered.’ This compendium is a collaborative effort from the Natural History Museum’s experts, edited by Dr Matthew Baron. It includes precise, informative illustrations from Dr Dieter Braun of Wild Animals of the North.

‘Dictionary of Dinosaurs‘ opens with a concise definition of dinosaurs, before explaining how to read the information for each selection. Every dinosaur is included alphabetically, with facts about its group, name, the name’s meaning, habitat, scale, diet and the era in which it lived. I imagine captive readers drawing comparisons between different groups and individuals within each group.

The facts are thorough, confident and engaging. The arrangement of the book is helpful to younger readers, with an alphabet running along the edges of the double pages to help locate specific dinosaurs.

Bookwagon is proud to present ‘Dictionary of Dinosaurs’ to our readers.

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Dictionary of Dinosaurs

An illustrated A to Z of every dinosaur ever discovered

Natural History Museum, illustrated by Dieter Braun, edited by Dr Matthew G. Baron

(Wide Eyed Editions)

 ‘Dictionary of Dinosaurs‘ is a collaborative compendium from the Natural History Museum. While it opens with a definition of dinosaurs, it expands to include a wealth of further information. Therefore we compare dinosaur habitats, for example, from size and status, vegetation and location. What’s more we contemplate why these mammoths of Earth’s history vanished. Furthermore, we learn about fossils, yet also dinosaurs’ place along our planet’s timeline. In fact there is a clear guideline that explains to readers ‘how to use the book‘. In addition, this includes information about the fact file, scale, Latin name ( including pronunciation  and meaning) and when each species lived. The dinosaur groups are included here, furthermore. At this point, it seems like we’re ready to start  our investigations…
Dictionary of Dinosaurs is an essential guidebook, perfect for every reader who has contacted Bookwagon requesting the ‘ultimate’ dinosaur book. Once past the comparative opportunities of Lifesize Dinosaurs, we suggest this title, alongside Mega Meltdown. It seems as though these titles provide the information every dinosaur aficionado seeks.
Bookwagon is proud to introduce Dictionary of Dinosaurs to the wagon.


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