Dig Dig Digger


Although Up might be ‘exciting and blue‘ it seems it is ‘also far away and empty’. Although Digger has bade farewell to Traffic Lights, Big Car and Little Car, and Cones, they’re ‘home’. However the call of ‘sky, stars and adventure‘ are so strong as to inspire her to find any way to travel Up. How she gets Up is most unexpected, and fortunate! However, her descent is sudden and not ideal.

Then again, doesn’t a Dig Dig Digger have an advantage on a soggy landing site? Might she be able to make the most of her skills to find her way home?

Morag Hood’s Dig Dig Digger is brilliantly inventive, funny and diverting. We love the bold story, the vibrant colours and then the humour too. We recommend this picture book for reading aloud, knowing well and treasuring.

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Dig Dig Digger

Morag Hood

(Two Hoots)

It seems that Digger’s fed up with digging. In fact he feels that that’s all he does- digging. So on a day like any other, with roadworks, Digger’s following the call of ‘up‘. ‘And she really want to go
Doesn’t up mean ‘sky, stars and adventure‘ while what she’s used to underground is ‘all mud and dark and worms’. Therefore, Digger’s heading off to ‘go UP!‘ However, how might she go up? There’s reaching, climbing, jumping and flapping but they seem really difficult! What about an airborne flurry that means Digger’s floating above ‘… Lamp-post,- Traffic Lights- Big Car and Little Car- Cones…‘ It seems there’s adventure ahead!
We love the way that Morag Hood sees and shows the world. Don’t we all wonder at the inner lives of everyday objects? However how many of us consider a relationship between vegetables, as she does with Colin and Lee Carrot and Pea. Then again, there is nobody who can imagine such an adventure as Digger’s taken! After all, isn’t Up ‘exciting and blue’? However, might it be ‘far away and empty…’ Furthermore, while what comes up, it may not ‘always [be] where you want it to be‘. However, might Digger’s abilities be an advantage so that she finds a way to get home?
Bookwagon loves the imagination, the bold colours and wonderful forms. Altogether Dig Dig Digger, is a triumph, a joy to read, share, keep and know.


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